Math and Pre-Math

123 Tracing HD

123 Tracing HD is an action-packed app that teaches kids numbers with engaging game that keeps them glued to the screen. Your little learners will have tons of fun learning their numbers in the interactive app loved by kids and parents alike.

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Arithmaroo is a 2010 APP STAR AWARD FINALIST!! “Arithmaroo is an instant hit!”- Leap ahead in math! Watch the “Ahas” kick in when players discover that seeing patterns is faster and easier than counting.

While entertaining players 4 to 40+, Arithmaroo fills in the missing steps to mastering math facts.

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Count to 100

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Count TV

This is an app full of classic Sesame Street videos about counting, which will help teach your child about numbers.

Join Count Von Count from Sesame Street in this fun app full of classic counting videos! The Count teaches your child to touch the screen and count along with Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grover and other Sesame Street friends!

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Counting Money +

Counting Money is an app designed to help people of all ages count money. Counting Money can also be used as a brain training exercise for adults and any one else looking to improve their skills at counting money.

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Dollars & Cents

Attainment Company has produced several functional math programs over the years. As technology continues to change and advance, so do Attainment’s collection of math resources. We now offer a comprehensive iPad app that teaches a variety of money skills: Dollars and Cents.

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Dot to Dot Number Whiz

➜ “An excellent app to teach numbers/letters/multiplication tables.” Technology in Education

➜ “Featuring outstanding management features, lots of levels … this collection of 42 dot-to-dot puzzles can be used to practice counting, the alphabet, or times tables.” Children’s Technology Review

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Next Dollar Up

This app is a great way to teach practical money skills. It is a great price for educators and parents.

Selected as Finalist in 2013 Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Special Needs App

Featured by Special Education Advisor

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Rosita’s Jump Count

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Show Me Math

Show Me Math app links computation with actual objects by showing a brief animated movie for each math problem. For example, 7 + 6 = 13 is illustrated with a group of seven ants joining six others. This instructional process helps students visualize math.

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